Candles and Diffusers

Our roots are 'haute parfumerie' blending high-value ingredients to create amazing perfumes. Our luxurious created perfumes are a stunning combination of fragrances that bring a touch of luxury to your home and your life. They are the final touch to complete your interior. Once used to our refined perfumes, your home won’t feel like home without ONNO Collection.


Luxurious blend of woody spices, musk base and softly blended with dry amber. A strong perfume.

Ginger Fig

Delicate notes of fig and ginger, without doubt the most subtle fragrance.


Amazing herbal fragrance with rich, woody and musk notes. Softer and clearly fresher than Zanzibar.


Gorgeous scent of fresh herbs and fresh grass with a subtle touch of floral notes that takes you to the African plains.


Delicate perfume of sparkling lemon, a touch of bergamot, ginger and green tea.


Very fresh perfume reflecting an excursion in the heart of a green jungle. A mixing blend of fresh cut grass with a touch of citrus freshness and woody intensity.


Seducing fragrance. A noble perfume of patchouli and guaiac wood that immerses you in an elegant and chic atmosphere of a lounge bar.

São Tomé

Sparkly and acidulous notes of citrus intertwine with the tenderness of the floral heart and the musk.


Chic and elegant perfume that takes you into a mystical journey in Orient. Addictive notes of incense, spices and carnal woods.


The delicate petals of this tender flower bouquet illuminate the senses, magnified by the sensuality of ginger.


Sparkling citrus notes with bergamot, musk and almonds. A true invitation to travel.

Phuket Lotus

The calming aroma of Lotus energizes and invigorates your senses. Floral plus a base of sweet musk.


Red fruit blended with dewdrops and cinnamon leading to a rich fruity sweet perfume.

White Bouquet

Imperial white tea combined with the citrusy, herbal and slightly floral freshness of bergamot and a veil of jasmine to reveal a unique blend.

True Fig

The vegetal freshness of the leaves and the robustness of woody notes.

Secret Romance

The devastating audacity of rose, violet and jasmine against a backdrop of musk and amber.

Warm Fireplace

The comforting warmth of cashmere wood enhance the gourmet scent of roasted chestnuts.

Precious Oud

The allegory of sensuality through the encounter of a black cherry and precious oud combined with a leathery warmth. Irresistibly addictive!

ONNO Collection - High-quality handmade perfumed candles and diffusers

Made in Belgium to the highest standards, our innovative candles tell a story of exotic lands and faraway places. Each candle drawing is born from an exceptional beautiful nature creation. Often basic yet so precious. Our exclusive candles are carefully packed into luxury black gift boxes to indulge yourself in or as a gift for your dearest.

ONNO Collection offers you an inspiring blend of delicate scents within our high-quality handmade candles. We bring you candlelight and scent in the best possible way, with respect for craftsmanship. Each candle is poured by hand into an ONNO Collection designed, exclusive handmade glass - a piece of art in your home. An ONNO Collection candle is a 'must-have' object to complete your interior with its unique scent experience and appearance. Come home, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the aroma of ONNO Collection candles and diffusers. Our perfumes are a stunning combination of fragrances that bring a touch of luxury to your home and your life.

Each perfume is created by our designer Ilse Vandeputte, who has an inborn passion for scents. With over 25 years of experience in developing perfumes, she is a true 'nose' who uses only the finest high-quality raw materials for which ONNO Collection is praised worldwide.

Slight impurities may appear as part of the character of the product.