The Exclusives

Discover our haute parfumerie collection ‘The Exclusives’. 25 years of experience results into an amazing collection of iconic perfumes. A selection of at least 15 carefully blended noble and delicate ingredients are the base of these unique perfumes. ONNO Collection haute parfumerie will accompany you all day long and will truly excite your senses.


A powerful, mysterious and enigmatic fragrance showing the freshness of bergamot and spices of a bold floral heart.

Secret Garden

A fresh and lumonous fragrance for lovers of tea notes that will take you on a journey through the fabulous Moroccan gardens.

X 55

An exceptional encounter between the sparkling freshness of lime and the surprising Timur berry which blends with an aromatic floral and woody heart.

Mystic Oud

A scent of adventure and mystery where oud gives this perfume character. Warm, smoky and noble notes take you on a sensual journey to the Orient.

Golden Oud

A unique and distinguished olfactory signature journey to the Orient. The oud reveals all its strengths and sensual, mysterious character.


Its surprising fragrance mixes the warmth of cardamom and freshness of bergamot. The heart highlights the woody notes with suave musk and cashmere undertones.


An olfactory explosion where the rose is spicy and powerful. This perfume is a true flowery, sparkling and elegant, timeless fragrance.


Between passions and freedom, this perfume mixes the sensuality of patchouli, sandalwood with a hypnotic and sensual rose.

One & Only

Illuminated by the dazzling freshness of the notes, lavender is sublimated by geranium and the roundness of musk. It captures all the brightness of the Provence.

ONNO Collection – Haute Parfumerie

ONNO Collection presents you a perfume collection made in Belgium and unique in the world. Our perfumes are a stunning combination of fragrances that bring a touch of luxury into your life. A truly enchanting collection of perfumes that leaves no one untouched.

Each perfume is created by our designer Ilse Vandeputte, who has an inborn passion for scents. With over 25 years of experience in developing perfumes, she is a true 'nose' who uses only the finest high-quality raw materials for which ONNO Collection is praised worldwide.

For this unique collection of haute perfumes, pickers go out from August to October to collect thousands of flowers and draw out their fragrance extracts. The fragrance oil that remains is then mixed with other extracts and alcohol to create our iconic ONNO Collection haute parfumerie line.

Each perfume contains more than 15 ingredients, they immerse you in an unforgettable olfactory journey that takes you to bewitching and idyllic places.

Packaged in an exclusive black velvet gift box, these perfumes are the ideal gift for yourself or your dearest.

We invite you to discover our world of unique and fascinating perfumes.